One autumn in 2017, Louise and Eszter finally met up with photographer Júlia Báró for a session of acroyoga photoshoot in Budapest.

When we play, we often laugh — either at our falls or mistakes, or out of joy of having mastered a new move. Sometimes we sigh with frustration and many times we are in awe of the beauty of a shape or a flow. However, we rarely get to capture these inspiring moments in a professional way. Well, because we are not pros in photography and when we practice, we devote most of the practice time to our drills. We admit, sometimes we do take selfies too.

From a connection that also has roots in acroyoga in Budapest, a cooperation came about. Elevenjoga is all about play and expanding boundaries, while Júlia loves taking photographs. So we came together one November Saturday morning to join forces. The outcome: pictures of beautifully-lit acroyoga poses captured by a sensitive and patient professional.

At first it seemed difficult to find a location for our grey and windy session. We knew that we would require a relatively wind-shielded place to get the body warm, where we would feel safe to try out new moves and not too exposed to the eye of passers by. Usually we can get rather camera shy and this is especially why someone who can make herself almost invisible yet capture a moment in its full glory is so invaluable. The icing on the cake is that our photographer also made useful adjustments and suggestions, a luxury we rarely have.

At our secret location we found just at the right time, we had ample time to experiment, move a cactus this way and then push it back later. We also enjoyed a wonderful yet chilly rooftop with a green wall and an amazing view of downtown Budapest. While Júlia, our photographer could have used more space, we fit almost everywhere. You might catch a glimpse of Eszter’s foot touching the ceiling in some shots, oops. Isn’t it true that a keen eye and sensitivity can add the magic touch to what you already know so well. We can’t wait for more shooting opportunities!

All images © Báró Júlia Photography